Thursday, April 18, 2013

blogging challenge 6

Blogging challenge 6
challenge 6
Digital footprints

Activity 1:
Do you have a different personality when you are online?Think about your avatar,your status updates,music you upload,your images and your blog.Would someone who knows you in real recognize you online?Write a post about your personality online?Why do you think some people exaggerate or change their identity when they are online?

I have a differently personality when I'm online I'm like a different person when I'm online  because I have a xbox 360 but people in real life don't know me the reason it is because I don't talk about my life on xbox with people who will add me because of who I am only some people know who I am on xbox because they were lucky and I didn't know who they were until they told me their names.  My personality online is:funny,competitive,good gamer,good friend,good/bad attitude twords me or my friends when I'm talking to my friends and they talk bad about my friends I don't care if they talk bad about me but it matters when they talk bad about my friends I get serious and half of my personality changes because some people don't know this but only my friends do I have a two-sided personality that means I have a one side everybody knows about but the other side I don't like to use but the one thing my friends  not even my mom or dad know about is that me,Alyissa,Bradan, we play with each other were friends online were with each other every single day were more like twins but even though I have a different personality online doesn't change who we are on the inside it's whats one the inside that counts not the outside I can tell who people are online based on how they talk and the way they act other people can't do that to me because I'm hard to figure out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogging challenge 5

1.haunted house
3.SAO swords
5.rare plant
6.endangered birds
9.deadly plant
10.monkey and family